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Gastropoda: Classificazione di Bouchet & Rocroi (2005)

Classificazione di Bouchet & Rocroi (2005): Un ulteriore passo avanti verso la definizione di una tassonomia più aderente alla reale filogenesi è stato compiuto da Bouchet & Rocroi.

Since 2005, the most up-to-date system of classifying the gastropods (snails and slugs of all kinds) is the taxonomy of the Gastropoda as revised by Bouchet & Rocroi. This system of taxonomy was set forth in a paper entitled "Classification and Nomenclator of Gastropod Families", which was published in the journal Malacologia in 2005[1] written in collaboration with J. Frýda, B. Hausdorf, W. Ponder, Á. Valdés and A. Warén.

This system has superseded the taxonomy which was set forth by Ponder and Lindberg in 1997.

This taxonomy is considered to be one step closer to representing the evolutionary history of the phylum Mollusca, despite the fact that malacologists are, for the time being, having to use a classification which is a hybrid of the pre-existing, more traditional Linnaean taxonomy, and the more recent far-reaching revisions which are based on molecular work.

In the past, the taxonomy of gastropods was largely based on the morphological characters of the taxa, but recent advances are based more on the molecular characteristics of the DNA and RNA. This has made the taxonomical ranks and their hierarchy controversial, and the debate about these issues is not likely to end soon.

This proposed classification has tried to reconcile these recent advances by using unranked clades for taxa below the rank of class but above the rank of superfamily (replacing the ranks subclass, superorder, order, and suborder), while still using the traditional Linnaean approach for all taxa below the rank of superfamily (i.e., family, subfamily, genus, subgenus, and species. All in all, in this taxonomy 611 valid families are recognized. Of these, 202 families are exclusively fossil; this is indicated with a dagger †.

Whenever monophyly has not yet been tested, or where a traditional taxon of gastropods has now been discovered to be paraphyletic or polyphyletic, the term "group" or "informal group" has been used.

The classification of families into subfamilies is often not well resolved, and should be regarded as the best possible hypothesis.

The publication Bouchet & Rocroi (2005) also includes a nomenclator of about 2400 suprageneric taxa of gastropods, going from the subtribe to the superfamily. A full bibliographic reference is provided for each taxon; this includes the name of the author, the original publication, date of publication, type genus, nomenclatural status, and validity under the rules of the ICZN.

Main clades, groups and informal groups

This information is displayed in the form of a cladogram (an evolutionary tree of descent.) It is worth bearing in mind however that this taxonomy is provisional: many of the taxa are still only known as "groups" or "informal groups", and therefore are likely to turn out to be polyphyletic (in other words, they are likely to contain more than one lineage, and if so they will be split in the future.)

The diagram above was based on the following information. The list format used below makes clear which taxa are groups and informal groups rather than clades:

Paleozoic molluscs of uncertain systematic position
Clade Patellogastropoda
Clade Vetigastropoda
Clade Cocculiniformia
Clade Neritimorpha
Paleozoic Neritimorpha of uncertain systematic position
Clade †Cyrtoneritimorpha
Clade Cycloneritimorpha
Clade Caenogastropoda
Caenogastropoda of uncertain systematic position
Informal group Architaenioglossa
Clade Sorbeoconcha
Clade Hypsogastropoda
Clade Littorinimorpha
Informal group Ptenoglossa
Clade Neogastropoda
Clade Heterobranchia
Informal group Lower Heterobranchia
Informal group Opisthobranchia
Clade Cephalaspidea
Clade Thecosomata
Clade Gymnosomata
Clade Aplysiomorpha
Group Acochlidiacea
Clade Sacoglossa
Group Cylindrobullida
Clade Umbraculida
Clade Nudipleura
Clade Pleurobranchomorpha
Clade Nudibranchia
Clade Euctenidiacea
Clade Dexiarchia
Clade Pseudoeuctenidiacea
Clade Cladobranchia
Clade Euarminida
Clade Dendronotida
Clade Aeolidida
Informal group Pulmonata
Informal group Basommatophora
Clade Eupulmonata
Clade Systellommatophora
Clade Stylommatophora
Clade Elasmognatha
Clade Orthurethra
Informal group Sigmurethra


In the following more detailed list, indentation is used only for the ranks of superfamily and family. The clade names are not indented, but their hierarchy is indicated by the size of the font used in their names. A clearer sense of their actual hierarchy can be drawn from the list immediately above this one.

Paleozoic molluscs of uncertain systematic position
(existing as fossils only)

Uncertain position (Gastropoda or Monoplacophora)
unassigned to superfamily
† Khairkhaniidae
† Ladamarekiidae
† Metoptomatidae
† Patelliconidae
† Protoconchoididae
† Archinacellidae
† Archaeopragidae
† Pelagiellidae
† Aldanellidae
† Scenellidae
† Coreospiridae
† Igarkiellidae
† Yochelcionellidae
† Stenothecidae
† Trenellidae
With isostrophically coiled shells of uncertain position (Gastropoda or Monoplacophora)
† Bellerophontidae
† Bucanellidae
† Bucaniidae
† Euphemitidae
† Pterothecidae
† Sinuitidae
† Tremanotidae
† Tropidodiscidae
With anisostrophically coiled shells of uncertain position (Gastropoda?)
† Euomphalidae
† Helicotomidae
† Lesueurillidae
† Omphalocirridae
† Omphalotrochidae
† Macluritidae
Basal taxa that are certainly Gastropoda
(existing as fossils only)

unasigned to superfamily
† Anomphalidae
† Codonocheilidae
† Crassimarginatidae
† Holopeidae
† Isospiridae
† Opisthonematidae
† Paraturbinidae
† Planitrochidae
† Pragoserpulinidae
† Pseudophoridae
† Raphistomatidae
† Rhytidopilidae
† Scoliostomatidae
† Sinuopeidae
† Clisospiridae
† Onychochilidae
† Loxonematidae
† Palaeozygoleuridae
† Ophiletidae
† Straparollinidae
† Trochonematidae
† Lophospiridae
Clade Patellogastropoda
Superfamily Patelloidea
Family Patellidae
Superfamily Nacelloidea
Family Nacellidae
Superfamily Lottioidea
Family Lottiidae
Family Acmaeidae
Family Lepetidae
Superfamily Neolepetopsoidea
Family Neolepetopsidae
† Family Daminilidae
† Family Lepetopsidae
Clade Vetigastropoda
Not assigned to a superfamily:
Family Ataphridae
Family Pendromidae
† Family Schizogoniidae
Superfamily †Amberleyoidea
† Family Amberleyidae
† Family Nododelphinulidae
Superfamily †Eotomarioidea
† Family Eotomariidae
† Family Gosseletinidae
† Family Luciellidae
† Family Phanerotrematidae
Superfamily Fissurelloidea
Family Fissurellidae
Superfamily Haliotoidea
Family Haliotidae
† Family Temnotropidae
Superfamily Lepetelloidea
Family Lepetellidae
Family Addisoniidae
Family Bathyphytophilidae
Family Caymanabyssiidae
Family Cocculinellidae
Family Osteopeltidae
Family Pseudococculinidae
Family Pyropeltidae
Superfamily Lepetodriloidea
Family Lepetodrilidae
Family Clypeosectidae
Family Sutilizonidae
Superfamily †Murchisonioidea
† Family Murchisoniidae
† Family Cheeneetnukiidae
† Family Hormotomidae
Superfamily Neomphaloidea
Family Neomphalidae
Family Melanodrymiidae
Family Peltospiridae
Superfamily Pleurotomarioidea
Family Pleurotomariidae
† Family Catantostomatidae
† Family Kittlidiscidae
† Family Phymatopleuridae
† Family Polytremariidae
† Family Portlockiellidae
† Family Rhaphischismatidae
† Family Trochotomidae
† Family Zygitidae
Superfamily †Porcellioidea
† Family Porcelliidae
† Family Cirridae
† Family Discohelicidae
† Family Pavlodiscidae
Superfamily Scissurelloidea
Family Scissurellidae
Family Anatomidae
Superfamily Seguenzioidea
Family Seguenziidae
Family Chilodontidae
† Family Eucyclidae
† Family Laubellidae
Superfamily Trochoidea
Family Trochidae
Family Calliostomatidae
† Family Elasmonematidae
† Family Eucochlidae
† Family Microdomatidae
† Family Proconulidae
Family Solariellidae
† Family Tychobraheidae
† Family Velainellidae
Superfamily Turbinoidea
Family Turbinidae
Family Liotiidae
Family Phasianellidae
Clade Cocculiniformia
Superfamily Cocculinoidea
Family Cocculinidae
Family Bathysciadiidae
Clade Neritimorpha (= Neritopsina)
Contains the Palaeozoic Neritomorpha of uncertain position and the clades Cyrtoneritimorpha and Cycloneritimorpha

Unassigned to superfamily
† Family Craspedostomatidae
† Family Pragoscutulidae
Superfamily Nerrhenoidea
† Family Nerrhenidae
Superfamily Oriostomatoidea
† Family Oriostomatidae
† Family Tubinidae
Superfamily Palaeotrochoidea
† Family Palaeotrochidae
Superfamily Platyceratoidea
† Family Platyceratidae
Clade Cyrtoneritimorpha

† Family Orthonychiidae
† Family Vltaviellidae
Clade Cycloneritimorpha
Superfamily Helicinoidea
Family Helicinidae
† Family Dawsonellidae
† Family Deaniridae
Family Neritiliidae
Family Proserpinellidae
Family Proserpinidae
Superfamily Hydrocenoidea
Family Hydrocenidae
Superfamily Neritoidea
Family Neritidae
Family Phenacolepadidae
† Family Pileolidae
Superfamily Neritopsoidea
Family Neritopsidae
† Family Cortinellidae
† Family Delphinulopsidae
† Family Plagiothyridae
† Family Pseudorthonychiidae
Family Titiscaniidae
Superfamily Symmetrocapuloidea
† Family Symmetrocapulidae
Clade Caenogastropoda
Contains the Caenogastropoda of uncertain systematic position, the informal group Architaenioglossa and the clades Sorbeoconcha and Hypsogastropoda

Caenogastropoda of uncertain systematic position
† Family Plicatusidae
† Family Spanionematidae
† Family Spirostylidae
Superfamily Acteoninoidea
† Family Acteoninidae
† Family Anozygidae
† Family Soleniscidae
Superfamily Dendropupoidea
† Family Dendropupidae
† Family Anthracopupidae
Superfamily Paleostyloidea
† Family Palaeostylidae
† Family Goniasmatidae
† Family Pithodeidae
Superfamily Peruneloidea
† Family Perunelidae
† Family Chuchlinidae
† Family Imoglobidae
† Family Sphaerodomidae
Superfamily Pseudomelanioidea
† Family Pseudomelaniidae
† Family Trajanellidae
Superfamily Subulitoidea
† Family Subulitidae
† Family Ischnoptygmatidae
grade Zygopleuroid group - see Changes since 2005
† Family Zygopleuridae
Family Abyssochrysidae
† Family Polygyrinidae
† Family Protoculidae
Family Provannidae
† Family Pseudozygopleuridae
Informal group Architaenioglossa
Superfamily Ampullarioidea
Family Ampullariidae
† Family Naricopsinidae
Superfamily Cyclophoroidea
Family Cyclophoridae
Family Aciculidae
Family Craspedopomatidae
Family Diplommatinidae
† Family Ferussinidae
Family Maizaniidae
Family Megalomastomatidae
Family Neocyclotidae
Family Pupinidae
Superfamily Viviparoidea
Family Viviparidae
† Family Pliopholygidae
Clade Sorbeoconcha
Not allocated to superfamily
† Family Acanthonematidae
† Family Canterburyellidae
† Family Prisciphoridae
Superfamily Cerithioidea
Family Cerithiidae
Family Batillariidae
† Family Brachytrematidae
† Family Cassiopidae
Family Dialidae
Family Diastomatidae
† Family Eustomatidae
† Family Ladinulidae
† Family Lanascalidae
Family Litiopidae
† Family Madraxidae
Family Melanopsidae
† Family Metacerithiidae
Family Modulidae
Family Pachychilidae
Family Paludomidae
Family Planaxidae
Family Pleuroceridae
† Family Popenellidae
Family Potamididae
† Family Procerothiidae
† Family Prostyliferidae
† Family Propupaspiridae
Family Scaliolidae
Family Siliquariidae
† Family Terebrellidae
Family Thiaridae
Family Turritellidae
Superfamily Campaniloidea
Family Campanilidae
Family Ampullinidae
Family Plesiotrochidae
† Family Trypanaxidae
Clade Hypsogastropoda
Contains the clades Littorinimorpha, Neogastropoda and the informal group Ptenoglossa.

Not allocated to a superfamily
† Family Coelostylinidae
† Family Maturifusidae
† Family Pommerozygiidae
† Family Settsassiidae
Clade Littorinimorpha
Superfamily Calyptraeoidea
Family Calyptraeidae
Superfamily Capuloidea
Family Capulidae
Superfamily Cingulopsoidea
Family Cingulopsidae
Family Eatoniellidae
Family Rastodentidae
Superfamliy Cypraeoidea
Family Cypraeidae
Family Ovulidae
Superfamily Ficoidea
Family Ficidae
Superfamily Littorinoidea
Family Littorinidae
† Family Bohaispiridae
Family Pickworthiidae
Family Pomatiidae
† Family Purpurinidae
Family Skeneopsidae
† Family Tripartellidae
Family Zerotulidae
Superfamily Naticoidea
Family Naticidae
Superfamily Pterotracheoidea
Family Pterotracheidae
Family Atlantidae
† Family Bellerophinidae
Family Carinariidae
Superfamily Rissooidea
Family Rissoidae
Family Amnicolidae
Family Anabathridae
Family Assimineidae
Family Barleeiidae
Family Bithyniidae
Family Caecidae
Family Calopiidae
Family Cochliopidae
Family Elachisinidae
Family Emblandidae
Family Epigridae
Family Falsicingulidae
Family Helicostoidae
Family Hydrobiidae
Family Hydrococcidae
Family Iravadiidae
Family Lithoglyphidae
† Family Mesocochliopidae
Family Moitessieriidae
† Family Palaeorissoinidae
Family Pomatiopsidae
Family Stenothyridae
Family Tornidae
Family Truncatellidae
Superfamily Stromboidea
Family Strombidae
Family Aporrhaidae
† Family Colombellinidae
† Family Pugnellidae
Family Seraphsidae
Family Struthiolariidae
† Family Thersiteidae
† Family Tylostomatidae
Superfamily Tonnoidea
Family Tonnidae
Family Bursidae
Family Laubierinidae
Family Personidae
Family Pisanianuridae
Family Ranellidae
Superfamily Vanikoroidea
Family Vanikoridae
Family Haloceratidae
Family Hipponicidae
† Family Omalaxidae
Superfamily Velutinoidea
Family Velutinidae
Family Triviidae
Superfamily Vermetoidea
Family Vermetidae
Superfamily Xenophoroidea
Family Xenophoridae
† Family Lamelliphoridae
Informal group Ptenoglossa
Superfamily Epitonioidea
Family Epitoniidae
Family Janthinidae
Family Nystiellidae
Superfamily Eulimoidea
Family Eulimidae
Family Aclididae
Superfamily Triphoroidea
Family Triphoridae
Family Cerithiopsidae
Family Newtoniellidae
Clade Neogastropoda
Unassigned to a superfamily
† Family Johnwyattiidae
† Family Perissityidae
† Family Sarganidae
† Family Speightiidae
† Family Taiomidae
† Family Weeksiidae
Superfamily Buccinoidea
Family Buccinidae
Family Colubrariidae
Family Columbellidae
Family Fasciolariidae
Family Nassariidae
Family Melongenidae
Superfamily Muricoidea
Family Muricidae
Family Babyloniidae
Family Costellariidae
Family Cystiscidae
Family Harpidae
Family Marginellidae
Family Mitridae
† Family Pholidotomidae
Family Pleioptygmatidae
Family Strepsiduridae
Family Turbinellidae
Family Volutidae
Family Volutomitridae
Superfamily Olivoidea
Family Olividae
Family Olivellidae
Superfamily Pseudolivoidea
Family Pseudolividae
Family Ptychatractidae
Superfamily Conoidea
Family Conidae
Family Clavatulidae
Family Drilliidae
Family Pseudomelatomidae
Family Strictispiridae
Family Terebridae
Family Turridae
Superfamily Cancellarioidea
Family Cancellariidae
Clade Heterobranchia
Contains the informal groups Heterobranchia, Opisthobranchia and Pulmonata

Informal group "Lower Heterobranchia" (= Allogastropoda)
Unassigned to a superfamily
Family Cimidae
† Family Dolomitellidae
† Family Heterosubulitidae
† Family Kuskokwimiidae
† Family Misurinellidae
Family Orbitestellidae
Family Tjaernoeiidae
Family Xylodisculidae
Superfamily Acteonoidea
Family Acteonidae
† Family Acteonellidae
Family Aplustridae
Family Bullinidae
† Family Zardinellidae
Superfamily Architectonicoidea
Family Architectonicidae
† Family Amphitomariidae
† Family Cassianaxidae
Superfamily Glacidorboidea
Family Glacidorbidae
Superfamily Mathildoidea
Family Mathildidae
† Family Ampezzanildidae
† Family Anoptychiidae
† Family Gordenellidae
† Family Tofanellidae
† Family Trachoecidae
Superfamily Nerineoidea
† Family Nerineidae
† Family Ceritellidae
† Family Nerinellidae
Superfamily Omalogyroidea
Family Omalogyridae
† Family Studraxidae
Superfamily Pyramidelloidea
Family Pyramidellidae
Family Amathinidae
† Family Heteroneritidae
Family Murchisonellidae
Superfamily Ringiculoidea
Family Ringiculidae
Superfamily Rissoelloidea
Family Rissoellidae
Superfamily Streptacidoidea
† Family Streptacididae
† Family Cassianebalidae
Superfamily Valvatoidea
Family Valvatidae
Family Cornirostridae
Family Hyalogyrinidae
† Family Provalvatidae
Informal group Opisthobranchia
Contains the clades Cephalaspidea, Thecosomata, Gymnosomata, Aplysiomorpha, Sacoglossa, Umbraculida, Nudipleura and the groups Acochlidiacea and Cylindrobullida.

Clade Cephalaspidea
Superfamily Bulloidea
Family Bullidae
Superfamily Diaphanoidea
Family Diaphanidae
Family Notodiaphanidae
Superfamily Haminoeoidea
Family Haminoeidae
Family Bullactidae
Family Smaragdinellidae
Superfamily Philinoidea
Family Philinidae
Family Aglajidae
Family Cylichnidae
Family Gastropteridae
Family Philinoglossidae
Family Plusculidae
Family Retusidae
Superfamily Runcinoidea
Family Runcinidae
Family Ilbiidae
Clade Thecosomata
Superfamily Cavolinioidea
Family Cavoliniidae
Family Limacinidae
† Family Sphaerocinidae
Superfamily Cymbulioidea
Family Cymbuliidae
Family Desmopteridae
Family Peraclidae
Clade Gymnosomata
Superfamily Clionoidea
Family Clionidae
Family Cliopsidae
Family Notobranchaeidae
Family Pneumodermatidae
Superfamily Hydromyloidea
Family Hydromylidae
Family Laginiopsidae
Clade Aplysiomorpha (= Anaspidea)
Superfamily Aplysioidea
Family Aplysiidae
Superfamily Akeroidea
Family Akeridae
Group Acochlidiacea
Superfamily Acochlidioidea
Family Acochlidiidae
Superfamily Hedylopsoidea
Family Hedylopsidae
Family Ganitidae
Family Livorniellidae
Family Minicheviellidae
Family Parhedylidae
Family Tantulidae
Superfamily Palliohedyloidea
Family Palliohedylidae
Superfamily Strubellioidea
Family Strubelliidae
Family Pseudunelidae
Clade Sacoglossa
Subclade Oxynoacea
Superfamily Oxynooidea
Family Oxynoidae
Family Juliidae
Family Volvatellidae
Subclade Placobranchacea
Superfamily Placobranchoidea
Family Placobranchidae
Family Boselliidae
Family Platyhedylidae
Superfamily Limapontioidea
Family Limapontiidae
Family Caliphyllidae
Family Hermaeidae
Group Cylindrobullida
Superfamily Cylindrobulloidea
Family Cylindrobullidae
Clade Umbraculida
Superfamily Umbraculoidea
Family Umbraculidae
Family Tylodinidae
Clade Nudipleura
Subclade Pleurobranchomorpha
Superfamily Pleurobranchoidea
Family Pleurobranchidae
Subclade Nudibranchia
Contains the clades Euctinidiacea and Dexiarchia

Unassigned to superfamily
Family Rhodopidae
Clade Euctenidiacea (= Holohepatica)
Contains the subclades Gnathodoridacea and Doridacea

Subclade Gnathodoridacea
Superfamily Bathydoridoidea
Family Bathydorididae
Subclade Doridacea
Superfamily Doridoidea
Family Dorididae
Family Actinocyclidae
Family Chromodorididae
Family Discodorididae
Superfamily Phyllidioidea
Family Phyllidiidae
Family Dendrodorididae
Family Mandeliidae
Superfamily Onchidoridoidea
Family Onchidorididae
Family Corambidae
Family Goniodorididae
Superfamily Polyceroidea (= Phanerobranchiata Non Suctoria)
Family Polyceridae
Family Aegiretidae
Family Gymnodorididae
Family Hexabranchidae
Family Okadaiidae
Clade Dexiarchia (= Actenidiacea)
Contains the clades Pseudoeuctenidiacea and Cladobranchia

Clade Pseudoeuctenidiacea ( = Doridoxida)
Superfamily Doridoxoidea
Family Doridoxidae
Clade Cladobranchia ( = Cladohepatica)
Contains the subclades Euarminida, Dendronotida and Aeolidida

Not assigned to a superfamily
Family Charcotiidae
Family Dironidae
Family Dotidae
Family Embletoniidae
Family Goniaeolididae
Family Heroidae
Family Madrellidae
Family Pinufiidae
Family Proctonotidae
Subclade Euarminida
Superfamily Arminoidea
Family Arminidae
Family Doridomorphidae
Subclade Dendronotida
Superfamily Tritonioidea
Family Tritoniidae
Family Aranucidae
Family Bornellidae
Family Dendronotidae
Family Hancockiidae
Family Lomanoridae
Family Phylliroidae
Family Scyllaeidae
Family Tethydidae
Subclade Aeolidida
Superfamily Flabellinoidea ( = Pleuroprocta)
Family Flabellinidae
Family Notaeolidiidae
Superfamily Fionoidea
Family Fionidae
Family Calmidae
Family Eubranchidae
Family Pseudovermidae
Family Tergipedidae
Superfamily Aeolidioidea
Family Aeolidiidae
Family Facelinidae
Family Glaucidae
Family Piseinotecidae
Informal Group Pulmonata
Contains the informal group Basommatophora and the clade Eupulmonata

Informal Group Basommatophora
Contains the clade Hygrophila

Superfamily Amphiboloidea
Family Amphibolidae
Superfamily Siphonarioidea
Family Siphonariidae
† Family Acroreiidae
Clade Hygrophila
Superfamily Chilinoidea
Family Chilinidae
Family Latiidae
Superfamily Acroloxoidea
Family Acroloxidae
Superfamily Lymnaeoidea
Family Lymnaeidae
Superfamily Planorboidea
Family Planorbidae
Family Physidae
Clade Eupulmonata
Contains the clades Systellommatophora and Stylommatophora

Superfamily Trimusculoidea
Family Trimusculidae
Superfamily Otinoidea
Family Otinidae
Family Smeagolidae
Superfamily Ellobioidea
Family Ellobiidae
Clade Systellommatophora (= Gymnomorpha)
Superfamily Onchidioidea
Family Onchidiidae
Superfamily Veronicelloidea
Family Veronicellidae
Family Rathouisiidae
Clade Stylommatophora
Contains the subclades Elasmognatha, Orthurethra and the informal group Sigmurethra

Subclade Elasmognatha
Superfamily Succineoidea
Family Succineidae
Superfamily Athoracophoroidea
Family Athoracophoridae
Subclade Orthurethra
Superfamily Partuloidea
Family Partulidae
Family Draparnaudiidae
Superfamily Achatinelloidea
Family Achatinellidae
Superfamily Cochlicopoidea
Family Cochlicopidae
Family Amastridae
Superfamily Pupilloidea
Family Pupillidae
Family Argnidae
Family Chondrinidae
† Family Cylindrellinidae
Family Lauriidae
Family Orculidae
Family Pleurodiscidae
Family Pyramidulidae
Family Spelaeodiscidae
Family Strobilopsidae
Family Valloniidae
Family Vertiginidae
Superfamily Enoidea
Family Enidae
Family Cerastidae
Informal Group Sigmurethra
Superfamily Clausilioidea
Family Clausiliidae
† Family Anadromidae
† Family Filholiidae
† Family Palaeostoidae
Superfamily Orthalicoidea
Family Orthalicidae
Family Cerionidae
Family Coelociontidae
† Family Grangerellidae
Family Megaspiridae
Family Placostylidae
Family Urocoptidae
Superfamily Achatinoidea
Family Achatinidae
Family Ferussaciidae
Family Micractaeonidae
Family Subulinidae
Superfamily Aillyoidea
Family Aillyidae
Superfamily Testacelloidea
Family Testacellidae
Family Oleacinidae
Family Spiraxidae
Superfamily Papillodermatoidea
Family Papillodermatidae
Superfamily Streptaxoidea
Family Streptaxidae
Superfamily Rhytidoidea
Family Rhytididae
Family Chlamydephoridae
Family Haplotrematidae
Family Scolodontidae
Superfamily Acavoidea
Family Acavidae
Family Caryodidae
Family Dorcasiidae
Family Macrocyclidae
Family Megomphicidae
Family Strophocheilidae
Superfamily Plectopyloidea
Family Plectopylidae
Family Corillidae
Family Sculptariidae
Superfamily Punctoidea
Family Punctidae
† Family Anastomopsidae
Family Charopidae
Family Cystopeltidae
Family Discidae
Family Endodontidae
Family Helicodiscidae
Family Oreohelicidae
Family Thyrophorellidae
Superfamily Sagdoidea
Family Sagdidae
limacoid clade
Superfamily Staffordioidea
Family Staffordiidae
Superfamily Dyakioidea
Family Dyakiidae
Superfamily Gastrodontoidea
Family Gastrodontidae
Family Chronidae
Family Euconulidae
Family Oxychilidae
Family Pristilomatidae
Family Trochomorphidae
Fossil taxa probably belonging to the Gastrodontoidea
Subfamily † Archaeozonitinae
Subfamily † Grandipatulinae
Subfamily † Palaeoxestininae
Superfamily Parmacelloidea
Family Parmacellidae
Family Milacidae
Family Trigonochlamydidae
Superfamily Zonitoidea
Family Zonitidae
Superfamily Helicarionoidea
Family Helicarionidae
Family Ariophantidae
Family Urocyclidae
Superfamily Limacoidea
Family Limacidae
Family Agriolimacidae
Family Boettgerillidae
Family Vitrinidae
Two superfamilies belongs to clade Sigmurethra, but they are not in the limacoid clade.

Superfamily Arionoidea
Family Arionidae
Family Anadenidae
Family Ariolimacidae
Family Binneyidae
Family Oopeltidae
Family Philomycidae
Superfamily Helicoidea
Family Helicidae
Family Bradybaenidae
Family Camaenidae
Family Cepolidae
Family Cochlicellidae
Family Elonidae
Family Epiphragmophoridae
Family Halolimnohelicidae
Family Helicodontidae
Family Helminthoglyptidae
Family Humboldtianidae
Family Hygromiidae
Family Monadeniidae
Family Pleurodontidae
Family Polygyridae
Family Sphincterochilidae
Family Thysanophoridae
Family Trissexodontidae
Family Xanthonychidae

Taxonomic changes: Changes since 2005

- 2006-2007 taxonomy of Helcionelloida, whose members were within the "Paleozoic molluscs of uncertain systematic position".
- Nakano & Ozawa (2007)made many changes in Patellogastropoda based on molecular phylogeny research: Acmaeidae is a synonym of Lottiidae; Pectinodontinae is alevated to Pectinodontidae; new family Eoacmaeidae with the new type genus Eoacmaea is established.
- The family Provannidae has been moved to the superfamily Abyssochrysoidea Tomlin, 1927.
- A new family was named: Hokkaidoconchidae Kaim, Jenkins & Warén, 2008 Geiger (2009) updated Depressizoninae to family level Depressizonidae.
- Three subfamilies of Larocheinae, Sutilizioninae, and Temnocinclinae, updated to family level Larocheidae, Sutilizionidae, and Temnocinclidae.
- Trochoidea and Turbinidae were found polyphyletic in 2006[6] and Trochidae, Turbinidae and Trochoidea were redefined in 2008.

Proposals and research

- Based on nucleotide sequences of mitochondrial genomes Grande et al. (2008)
proposed these changes: Pulmonata is polyphyletic; Euthyneura is not monophyletic because Pyramidelloidea should be included within Euthyneura; Opisthobranchia is not monophyletic because Siphonaria pectinata should be recognized as a member of the Opisthobranchia.
- Peter J. Wagner considers Isospiridae as synonym of Cyrtonellidae within Tergomya. The Paleobiology Database has adapted to this unpublished opinion by Wagner. This alternate taxonomy is as: Tergomya, Cyrtonellida, Cyrtonellidae.


- Classificazione di Ponder & Lindberg (1997)

- Taxonomy of the Gastropoda (Bouchet & Rocroi, 2005)

- Mikko's Phylogeny Archive: Gastropoda

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